The day takes place on the beautiful 30 acre valley property of the indispensable Captain Jonathon Robinson and our dear friend and officiant Ingrid Remkins. We'll have gotten the boring wedding bit out of the way on Thursday, so we can focus on what really matters Saturday: eating, drinking, and getting down with all our favourite people under a full HARVEST MOON in the Beaver Valley.

We want you to take this weekend as an opportunity to explore this beautiful slice of Ontario we call home. Spend the morning hiking the Bruce Trail, climbing Old Baldy or any of the other excellent local crags, or paddling the spectacular Beaver River. Show up to the get together scratched, grass stained, soaked, happy--we're cool with all that.

We will have a short 'ceremony' around 4:30pm, so aim to be back by 4pm to get yourself a drink and settle in. There'll be some weddingy speeches or whatever around 5pm, followed by some gettin' your drink on until the potluck dinner green light around 6ish. Live music to follow and two brilliant DJs after that. Wear your dancing shoes, or be ready to go barefoot.