Let's be honest... gift registries are kinda weird. This was a struggle. We own a house and constantly complain about having too many things, so asking for more things is a bit bizarre. The greatest gift you can give us is your company and your time. 

But if you really want to jump on the gift wagon, there are four things we could certainly put to good use:

1. Our century home needs lots of love and we're working on it slowly but surely. So gift cards for Home Depot, Home Hardware, Rona, etc are amazing and ohso helpful!

2. We are attempting to rid ourselves of a lawn by planting as many fruit trees, edible perennials, and bee friendly flowers as possible. Gift cards to Fiddlehead Nursery are greatly appreciated. Ben's amazing! He'll be easy to work with to get you what you want/need, and you can stop by and check out his operation while you're up for the wedding. Bonus!

3. We have been saving up for touring bikes so that we can go on some epic adventures together. MEC gift cards would be a great help in getting us closer to that goal.

4. It's no secret that we have an ever growing bar, especially with Joel in the industry. So LCBO gift cards can always be used to add to that interesting collection. Added bonus, we like to share. So come up and stay with us and we'll likely mix you a cocktail or two

Gift cards

If gift cards aren't your jam, we have selected a few small things. OR! Even better... we love art and hand made items by people we love. Help our art collection grow with a small piece made by you. 

Gift Registry